Cypress Elementary
851 SW 3rd Ave Pompano Beach, FL 33060 | Phone: (754) 322-6050

School Based Support Personnel at Our School

School Personnel Contact Person Contact Information
PTA/PTO President Adria Gadson 754-322-6050
Arnold Palenzuela 754-322-6050
ASP 954-596-9000
Brittany Knight 754-322-6050
School Resource Officer/Deputy Bruno Avila 754-322-6050
Cathy Rucker 754-322-6050
Information Management Technician Christie Fargas 754-322-6050
Claudia Bradley 754-322-6050
Business Partner Liaison Claudine Dunbar-Creary 754-322-6050
Administrator Assigned to Technology Claudine Dunbar-Creary 754-322-6050
PROMISE School Liaison Claudine Dunbar-Creary 754-322-6050
School Social Worker Darria Stafford-Williams 754-322-6050
Multicultural Liaison Fabiana Spiteri 754-322-6050
MTSS/RtI Contact Heather Oken 754-322-6050
Title I School Liaison Jacquelyn Bray 754-322-6050
BASIS Liaison Jenelle Gordon 754-322-6050
Health Screening Coordinator Jenelle Gordon 754-322-6050
Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Liaison Jenelle Gordon 754-322-6050
MTSS/RtI Contact Jenelle Gordon 754-322-6050
Prevention Liaison Jenelle Gordon 754-322-6050
Jinzer Witt 754-322-6050
Registrar Kenyetta Jones 754-322-6050
Science Coach Kimberlia Patrick 754-322-6050
Mentoring Coordinator Kimberlia Patrick 754-322-6050
Lissette Witt 754-322-6050
Cafeteria Manager Rose Campbell 754-322-6050
Math Coach Sandra Aversa 754-322-6050
Principal Vanessa Schnur 754-322-6050

Special Student Support Initiatives at Our School

Support Initiative Contact Person Contact Information Description
ASD Cluster Heather Oken 754-322-6050 Autism Cluster for PK-3
Digital 3, 4, and 5 Arnold Palenzuela 754-322-6050 Digital 3, 4, & 5 is used in all Grades 3, 4, and 5 classrooms. Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade Students and their teachers utilize laptops, digital resources, online instructional materials and other learning tools to maximize student learning. Each student is assigned a laptop which is used in the classroom.
Dual Language Program Fabiana Spiteri 754-322-6050 Dual Language Spanish program in grades K-5

Community Agencies Providing Services at Our School

Agency Services Contact Information
Broward County Schools Family Counseling Group Counseling
Chrysalis Center Mental Health Services
Residential Youth Services
(954) 587-1008
SEDNET Crisis Counseling
Smith Community Mental Health Center Brief Intervention
Family Counseling
Individual Counseling
Mental Health Services
(954) 321-2296