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Sexual Health Coordinator

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Sexual Health Coordinator Diversity, Prevention & Intervention Sebrina James 754-321-1633 Provides support, training and technical assistance to district schools in implementing Policy 5315 - Family Life and Human Sexuality. Promoting Adolescent Health Grant: Decrease sexual risk behaviors among adolescents; Increase use of condoms and highly effective contraception methods among sexually active adolescents; Increase adolescents' access to key sexual health services; Obtain weighted YRBS and Profiles data for 20 priority schools: Apollo, Attucks, Blanche Ely, Boyd Anderson, Dave Thomas, Charles Drew, Cypress Bay, Cypress Run, Dillard, Hallandale High, Hallandale Adult, Lauderhill 6-12, Lanier James, Lyons Creek, Margate, McFatter Tech, McNicol, Olsen, Seagull, Whiddon Roers, William Dandy.