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District Substance Abuse Liaison

Department: School Climate & Discipline

Staff Name: Cynthia Tapia-Rodriguez, Andy Rodriguez

Staff Contact: 754-321-1626

Coral Glades High
Everglades High
Glades Middle
McArthur High
Millennium 6-12 Collegiate Academy
Miramar High
New Renaissance Middle
New River Middle
Pompano Beach High
Pompano Beach Middle
Sawgrass Springs Middle School
Stoneman Douglas High
Sunrise Middle

Project BRAIN is a comprehensive Social Norms initiative targeting youth in middle and high schools throughout Broward County to prevent and bring awareness about underage drinking and impacts approximately 17,315 students ranging from 11-19. *Project BRAIN is a comprehensive Social Norms initiative wit the integration of social marketing *Encourages youth to make healthy choices to protect their brain *Raises awareness to prevent/reduce underage drinking *Teaches refusal skills *Changes perception to match reality *4/5 youth choose to be FREE from alcohol and other drugs.